Posted on October 10, 2008

Two good Congressional candidates: Tom McClintock (CA) & David Schweikert

TeamAmerica PAC is an organization headed up by Bay Buchanan (Pat Buchanan’s sister), and is dedicated to securing our borders, especially through legislation directed against out-of-control immigration, legal and illegal. I warmly recommend it.

I regularly get their updates. Here is the text of a recent one, which, among other things, recommends two candidates who are standing up for the American worker against the onslaught of cheap Third World labor:

With all the focus on trying to clean up the mess that Corporate America created, a few important pieces of immigration legislation almost got lost in the chaos. For the last couple of months, the open borders lobby has been trying to quietly kill E-Verify and import over 500,000 new foreign workers. Thanks to your calls, we let them know they could not get away with these sellouts if they wanted to get reelected, so they punted.

The House Judiciary Committee never took up the bill to flood our country with foreign workers. We were hoping that the Senate would reauthorize E-Verify for at least five years, but we ended up having to settle for six months. What this means is that when Congress reconvenes in 2009, we are going to fight these battles all over again.

This is why it is so important that we get some real fresh blood in Congress who will be ready to take on the establishment. I want to tell you about two candidates we are supporting who we can trust to take on the open borders crowd as soon as they take office.

Tom McClintock: California 4
Tom has been one of California’s most vocal and effective voices against illegal immigration. Way back in 1994 he was instrumental in campaigning for Proposition 187 to deny social services to illegals. In 2003 he led the battle against giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in the State Senate. Now Tom is trying to bring his fight to Congress-and boy do we need him. He currently has a slim lead against pro-amnesty Charlie Brown, and with your help we can make sure he keeps it.

David Schweikert: Arizona 5
David is running against freshman Democrat Harry Mitchell. In 2006, our cause suffered a major setback when Mitchell defeated JD Hayworth. Mitchell supported the Bush Amnesty, and JD was one of our most vocal advocates for secure borders. The establishment used this race as evidence that the American people don’t really oppose amnesty. You and I know this is baloney, so this is why it is so important that we kick Mitchell out, and replace him with David Schweikert.

Our friends in Arizona tell me that David is one of us. He is making his get tough stance on immigration one of the top priorities of his campaign. Electing David will send a clear message that Americans are still serious about securing our borders!

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