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October 29, 2008

Will Sarah Palin Lead Middle America Back to the GOP (or Vice Versa)?

It’s the day after Election Day. Barack Obama is now President-Elect. The Republicans are licking their wounds—and already beginning to think about their comeback.

What will that comeback strategy look like? And will Sarah Palin be an important part of it? Quite possibly. Here’s why
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October 10, 2008

Two good Congressional candidates: Tom McClintock (CA) & David Schweikert

TeamAmerica PAC is an organization headed up by Bay Buchanan (Pat Buchanan’s sister), and is dedicated to securing our borders, especially through legislation directed against out-of-control immigration, legal and illegal. I warmly recommend it.

I regularly get their updates. Here is the text of a recent one, which, among other things, recommends two candidates who are standing up for the American worker against the onslaught of cheap Third World labor
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October 5, 2008

Your Health Care Is Being Slashed So Illegal Aliens Can Get It For Free

Waiting room of the future--crowded

If you have been to an emergency room lately, you’ve probably had to stand in a long line. And if you’ve looked at that line, you’ve probably noticed that many people in it are non-Americans. You may have wondered if some, if not most, are illegals. They are. And you’re paying dearly for it: not just in time, but in money, and possibly, with your health and life if services are curtailed because of the rising cost of providing free health care to people who shouldn’t even be here.
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August 11, 2008

The “National Immigrant Bond Fund”: A Well-Funded Attack on Middle America

If you, for some twisted reason, want to contribute your money to a destructive rather than a constructive cause, you may have trouble finding a charity that promotes auto theft, drug dealing, or child abuse.

But now, you can support illegal immigration.

A “National Immigrant Bond Fund” (bond not as in stocks and bonds, but as in “get out of jail free”) has been set up to help illegals caught in raids get out of jail and go back to the business of subverting our laws, depressing our wages, and burdening our social service system. High crime rates, dilution of American culture, and urban overcrowding are an added bonus.

I’m not making this up. Forbes just reported on it in glowing terms.

And surprise, surprise, the fund is the brainchild of a multi-millionaire who holds American workers and American laws in contempt. His name is Bob Hildreth, and he owns a company called International Bank Services that trades in corporate debt. He’s already ponied up hundreds of thousands of dollars to spring illegals from detention and hopes you will as well.

So if you so choose, now you, too, can contribute to the downfall of American society. Literally. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

December 6, 2007

Obama admits that immigrants drive down wages—well, sort of

Democratic presidential hopefuls squirmed, waffled, and equivocated when asked pointed questions about immigration, the New York Times reports.

Barack Obama at least admitted that "there are circumstances" where illegals drive down wages, but then warned against "pitting" illegal aliens against American workers. Unfortunately, he didn't mean that we shouldn't allow the illegals to compete against Americans for the same jobs. Rather, he meant that we should pretend that they weren't really competing.
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