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October 29, 2008

Will Sarah Palin Lead Middle America Back to the GOP (or Vice Versa)?

It’s the day after Election Day. Barack Obama is now President-Elect. The Republicans are licking their wounds—and already beginning to think about their comeback.

What will that comeback strategy look like? And will Sarah Palin be an important part of it? Quite possibly. Here’s why
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October 17, 2008

Pat Buchanan: “Middle American Radicals” and the Election

Pat Buchanan

They work hard. They live neither in inner-city slums nor in gated communities. They’re neither rich nor poor, but these days, they’re probably struggling. Their primary goal in life is to provide for their families. They deeply revere American traditions and American values. And because they’ve spent the last few decades watching their standard of living decline and their way of life not only threatened but openly mocked by global elites, they’re hopping mad. They want someone in government, finally, to advocate for them. Call them the Middle American Radicals, or MARs.

They’re wary of the Democratic Party. After all, they are the folks Barack Obama maligned in his “Bittergate” remarks. Since the 1960s, courting them has been a central strategy for Republican presidential candidates.

But once elected, GOP candidates have done little to address the MARs’ real concerns such as mass Third World immigration and the elimination of American manufacturing jobs in favor of outsourcing from overseas. For unfortunately, among elites of both parties, “diversity” and “inclusiveness” trump patriotism, and the profitability of globalization for the few trumps concern for the misery it causes the many.

In a recent commentary, Pat Buchanan—who has always been a stalwart champion of the American middle class—has pointed out that John McCain too is willing to sell out the middle class in order to toe the globalist, elitist line.
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October 5, 2008

Your Health Care Is Being Slashed So Illegal Aliens Can Get It For Free

Waiting room of the future--crowded

If you have been to an emergency room lately, you’ve probably had to stand in a long line. And if you’ve looked at that line, you’ve probably noticed that many people in it are non-Americans. You may have wondered if some, if not most, are illegals. They are. And you’re paying dearly for it: not just in time, but in money, and possibly, with your health and life if services are curtailed because of the rising cost of providing free health care to people who shouldn’t even be here.
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September 18, 2008

Who pays for Wall Street bailouts? You do.

The recent failures of many big names on Wall Street have rattled investor confidence but have little direct effect on average Americans. The big money boys have been playing their games for years and almost always winning. Now they’re losing one. It goes with the territory.

But governmental bailing out of Wall Street firms may ultimately cost a lot of money that would be better spent helping Main Street homeowners and small businesses. It’s tantamount to welfare for the super rich. And according to a recent Dallas News article, even many Republicans are now questioning the wisdom of putting the government on the hook for private investors’ excesses.

September 5, 2008

Vice President Sarah Palin: Will She Remember Her Middle Class Roots?

This year’s presidential election is between one man who’s lost track of how many houses he owns, and another who thinks average Americans have religious faith and are against their jobs being shipped overseas out of “bitterness.” The Democratic vice presidential candidate, having never worked anywhere other than on a city council and in the Senate, has never known what it’s like to have to work for a boss who demands productivity. These are three people who have no clue how average Americans think; or if they do, they’ve learned about it the same way you and I might learn about what life is like in Uzbekistan: either through books and documentaries, or by occasionally visiting what we perceive as a foreign land.

That leaves Sarah Palin.
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